Fashion tips to save your money

Fashion tips to save your money

We all have faced the situation when we open our wardrobes and there is nothing to wear. The next moment, we think about going out for shopping. I mean, who doesn’t like to shop, right? But a shopping spree leaves us broke and guilty for spending too much. It’s a vicious cycle that we all struggle to break. Don’t worry, fashion is not that expensive. Here are a few tips to save you

  • Plan before shopping

Before you move out of your house, take a look at your wardrobe. There are chances that you must be having some clothes that you don’t wear anywhere. It could be because of various reasons like you don’t have matching trousers that would go with the cute top or something is too occasioning specific. Remember to develop and own a fashion sense. Suppose you don’t own a flared pant that could be used on a number of t-shirts and tops, so you have a must buy piece on your list.

  • Beware of flashy items

We often buy something because of that voice telling us ‘Oh that’s so cute!’ Wait a minute before you pick that dress that is purposely placed to attract you. Such dresses remain piled up in your wardrobe because you cannot wear them every day and everywhere. Keep a simple rule of 80/20: 80% clothes of everyday wear should occupy your wardrobe space while 20% can be occupied by dresses to be worn on occasions.


  • Go for neutral and solids to mix and match

That white or black tank top goes with anything. The moment you fill your wardrobe with prints of all kinds, things will confuse you. Solid cloth pieces enhance your look and give you options to experiment. Moreover, solids never go out of fashion unlike prints. They are easier to buy as you would know what kind of shades suits you.

  • Invest in good fabric

Now this might seem tricky as clothes with good fabric are expensive. Think of it as an investment by calculating cost per wear (CPW) of the cloth. So, if you buy a top of 400 with low quality fabric, you might wear it twice before it becomes worn out. Invest in brands that provide good fabric especially when online sale is around.

These are a few tips that you can follow the next time you head for shopping. Save more and keep your fashion quotient high!

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